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24 hours

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  8 (800) 505-40-25

1st Arbat Hotel

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1st Arbat Hotel is a chain of cosy mini-hotels of Moscow, which combine comfort and availability, hospitality and convenient location.

There is the mini-hotel «Chistoprudny» in the center of Moscow near the metro station «Chistye Prudy» and always it's opened for you (more details).

In the southern part of the capital our network is represented by a mini-hotel «Kashirsky». Being close to healthcare organizations of different types, it also stands directly between four metro stations, as "Kashirskaya", "Nagatinskaya", "Nagornaya" and "Nakhimovskiy Prospect".(more details).

Our mini-hotel «Botanichesky» is located on Kaluzhsko- Rizhskaya (orange) line, which is located near the metro station "Botanicheskiy sad" (more details).

Near Kalininskaya (yellow) line (sight of the line) are two our mini-hotels mini-hotel «Sokolinaya Gora» (more details) near the station "Shosse Entuziastov" and «Aviamotornaya» (more details) of the same name about the station.

A few of our hotels are located on Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (blue) line (more details about the line) and together with it, they sort of embrace entire Moscow from East to West.

Our mini-hotel «Izmaylovsky» is located in the monumental building (middle of XX century) between metro stations "Pervomayskaya" and "Izmaylovskaya" (Arbatsko-Pokrovaskaya blue line) (more details).

Our mini-hotel «Semenovsky» waits for you in the Moscow’s ancient district named Sokolinaya Gora that is placed between the metro stations “Semenovskaya”, “Partizanskaya” and “Cherkizovskaya” (more details).

Welcome to our hotels!